Is your website ready for Silly Season?

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Is your website ready for Silly Season?

With Black Friday, Christmas and New Years looming just around the corner we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what you can do to your website to prepare for this wonderful time of year.

We’ve all been there. Online shopping for those last minute gifts, or perhaps all of the gifts! You’ve checked your favourite sites for the best options, at the best prices, with the fastest delivery. If you didn’t like what was on offer you simply abandoned your cart (secretly hoping that a discount voucher may be emailed to you). Us online shoppers are savvy, which is why it is important to make your website work hard for those sales.

This gift-buying season make sure your website delivers a seamless shopping journey to ensure maximum sales. This can be done by:

  • Creating a Superior Shopping Experience
  • Fulfilling the Shopper Journey
  • Leveraging Shopper Data and Business Insights

Creating a Superior Shopping Experience

It might sound obvious but the first port of call here is to listen to your customers. Find out what makes them tick, or rather, what ticks them off. Knowing what your customers think about using your website will enable you to make the whole experience positive. There are lots of ways to measure how effective it is, from running simple questionnaires to adding hotspot tracking to your site.

Fulfilling the Shopper Journey

The whole purchase process should be seamless. Whether that’s in a bricks and mortar store, using a mobile device or desktop. Your customer should be able to easily switch from one to the other and complete their purchase. The journey doesn’t end there though. Offering shipping tracking will give confidence to your customer that their order is in safe hands. This also gives you opportunities for extra touch points, to send real time order updates via email or SMS. Keeping your brand in mind.

Leveraging Shopper Data and Business Insights

Chances are you’ve got heaps of shopping data that you’ve collected across all commerce channels. There are loads of ways to make use of your data, here are a few to get you started:

  • Make sure all of your data is in one place and can be accessed by the whole team and various departments. This will help your marketing and ecommerce team marry up their intentions to create fantastic, fully synced campaigns.
  • Create customer profiles – Integrate online and offline commerce to create customer profiles. This should include data from every device, tracking user engagement to understand what and when the right time is to send them offers/discounts.
  • Monitor the entire customer journey – You’ve already got great data. Build on this by continuing to collect and amend your existing data. This will help you to track individual customer journeys across every touch point, therefore adding exclusive insight to the customer profile making it more personal to them.

If you’d like any help with getting your site ready for the holiday season drop us an email or give us a call. We’d love to discuss it with you.

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