What’s hot for Ecommerce Retailers

What’s hot for Ecommerce Retailers

The world of Ecommerce is fast paced and continually changing, so we thought we’d share what we think are the hottest pieces of functionality at the moment that could help increase sales site wide.

Offering anywhere click and collect

You may have noticed locker type delivery systems popping up in towns and cities by you. HubBox, Collect+ and myHermes for example, provide ecommerce retailers with the option to offer their online customers the ability to collect their order from one of these locker hubs or a local convenience store.  

The benefit of being able to offer your customers the choice of when and where their order could be delivered or collected from can help to increase conversion rates, purely due to the level of convenience that it offers customers.

Next Day Delivery

It’s the million dollar question, no matter what industry you’re in. When you ask a client or customer when they want something done or delivered by they will always say ‘tomorrow’. This is why it is crucial to offer next day delivery. If you don’t, chances are the customer will find another company who can and they will abandon the order.

Guest Checkout

Having a complex account creation process can really turn off potential customers. Instead, offer a slimline checkout process where the stages to complete a purchase are simplified. Once the customer has completed the purchase you can then offer the option to complete the account. If the customer at this point wants to create an account you could even set the account up with the supplied information and the customer can complete the missing fields in their own time.

By offering a speedy checkout process customers will more than likely complete a purchase and remember the stress free process encouraging them to shop again.

Save or Share Basket

The Save or Share basket feature allows a user to shop without completing their purchase. They may do this for a number of reasons such as wanting to wait until payday before they place their order, or perhaps it’s their birthday and their mum has asked them for a wishlist! Whatever the reason, make sure your site allows customers to save their basket for later or to share their basket.

This feature offers customers the option to shop now and complete/pay later or easily send hints to friends and family! It’s a great way of extending the route to complete orders.

Apple and Google pay online

Apple and Google pay are now commonplace in bricks and mortar stores, but strangely aren’t seen as often in the world of ecommerce. Highstreet retailers such as Burberry, FatFace and Oasis are ahead of the game here and do offer this as a form of payment. However it is important to note that the relatively small limit of £30 purchases may not work for your site. Saying that, we can’t imagine that £30 would buy you much from Burberry!

Before integrating, it would be wise to look at your average ecommerce order value. If it is in the region of £30 then this could be a worthy investment. Offering a speedy payment option to customers is just another way to ensure that purchases will be completed.

All of this functionality can easily be integrated with Magento 2. If you’d like to discuss adding any to your site feel free to drop us a message or give us a call. We’re looking forward to talking with you.

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Steven Campbell
2 Min Read

Published: 6 June 2019

Steve is the resident UI/UX expert at Actuate. Steve use's our client persona's to design engaging websites and conversion driven ecommerce solutions.

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