Why Choose Magento Commerce

Why Choose Magento Commerce

Choosing an eCommerce platform isn’t something that the average business looks at every day. It is a critical decision that should be thought about and taken time over to ensure the right fit for your business. At Actuate we work with ecommerce businesses and help them discover if Magento Commerce would be a good match. We believe that it is important to discuss all possibilities through, as choosing the wrong eCommerce platform can make it hard for your business to compete.

As Magento is used more often than any other platform by the Internet Retailer Top 1000, we thought we’d discuss why we think it is the perfect topic of conversation for all businesses looking to replatform.


Magento has reported that their customers have dropped page load times by up to 3 seconds. By ensuring your site has a fast load speed you are maximising the opportunity for sales.

Users will have more confidence and patience with a website that performs fast as it means they can effortlessly place an order.


Have you ever tried to make a purchase on a website on the run up to Christmas or on Black Friday and the website is slower than a snail? With Magento you won’t ever get this. Magento comes with “surge protection” which is designed to handle temporary surges in website traffic. This means your customers can place orders on the busiest shopping days of the year as if it was one of the quietest.


Whether or not you plan for your business to take over the world, Magento is future proof. If your business plan includes stores across the world using 30 different currencies and languages Magento can handle it all under one license.

Magento Commerce gives you the ability to run multiple stores from one easy-to-manage platform. This means that you can manage all your transactions, shipments, and business results in one place.

Integrate with other Marketplaces

If you’re planning to sell on separate marketplaces such as Amazon you’ll want to manage the inventory and choose the best fulfillment method ideally within your website. With Magento Commerce it couldn’t be easier. It has a pre-made integration with Amazon. With other platforms you’d have to build a separate integration, which can be a costly and time consuming exercise.

Simple Checkout

The average user wants their online purchase to be easy and fast. Give them this and your conversions will improve. Magento Commerce ensures a simple and straightforward checkout and payment experience. Also, Magento Shipping supports a range of alternative shipping methods, which could help you keep costs low for your customers.

B2B & B2C Solutions

With the rise of online Business to Business transactions forecast to rise over the next 12 months it is a great idea to look for a platform that can manage both B2C and B2B. Magento Commerce does just that. With a simple checkout and payment experience which is flexible enough to let you explore multiple business models Magento Commerce provides flexibility for every business model.

Content Management

Content can make or break a website. Your website needs to be easy to update so that your team can quickly create, publish, and segment content. Being on top of content can help digital businesses stand out from competitors. Magento Commerce uses Magento Page Builder which allows marketing and sales teams with limited coding experience to build new pages and post new content quickly. They also have the power to assign the content to particular consumer groups.

Tailored User Experiences

Offering a bespoke user experience is somewhat of a hype within the web development world. But what does it actually mean? Magento Commerce gives you the flexibility and control you need to create a distinctive user experience. Having a unique web design is just the start, the users’ journey should be thought out and detailed to ensure that getting from A (landing page) to B (making a purchase) is as easy and fast as possible. Magento Commerce allows you to create this user journey with your customers at the heart of every click they make.

Magento reports that 87% of consumers say they’re very likely to buy more from a company when they have a “very good” customer experience.Therefore this seems like an extremely important tool to utilise.

Still not sure if Magento Commerce is the right choice for you? Then feel free to get in touch, we’d love to discuss options through with you.

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Amy Hayes
3 Min Read

Published: 3 September 2019

Amy is the Project Manager here at Actuate. She is on hand for all of our clients to ensure their projects run on time and to budget.

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