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By Steven Campbell | 30 November 2020 4 Minute Read

The Importance of User Experience Design For Your Website

If you’ve spoken to any web professionals recently, they may have stressed the importance of the “user experience” or “UX” of your website. But what is user experience? How does it relate to design? And is this just another buzzword to confuse and help salespeople ramp up the cost of your new website? Let’s dive right in and find the…

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By Steven Campbell | 13 October 2016 2 Minute Read

Upcoming UX/UI trends

Design vs. User Experience… What’s coming next? 2016 has witnessed huge development in the way that users interface with and experience the software they’re buying. Both UX and UI tend to make or break the software, today – with users coming to hold new applications to increasingly high standards. If they don’t get the sort of experience offered by applications…

By Steven Campbell | 16 May 2016 < 1 Minute Read

Congratulations Mat!

Congratulations Mat! Following the success of Actuate Digital over the past 12 months our founder and director Mat O’Connor decided he wanted to give something back to the community and set himself a challenge at the same time. So he decided he would cycle 100 miles and raise awareness of a cause close to his heart.  And what a challenge…