Oh Polly

From startup to £2m in 12 months driving growth for an exciting British clothing brand

Fast Fashion Clothing Brand

A young and up-coming casual clothing brand who’ve expanded across the UK needed to provide their loyal customer with a slicker, faster and feature rich E-Commerce solution. They wanted to craft the experience around the social activity that had built up with loyal customers and provide an online shopping journey that would compete with the larger outlets up and down the UK.

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Key Stats

Visits in the 1st month

Turnover in the first year

Of traffic is new visitors

The Brief

After selling on eBay for years, Oh Polly felt it was time to branch out and run their own online store. With competitors like Boohoo, MissGuided and ASOS (All of which also use Magento) we had a tough brief but we managed to capture their audience with a pastel website that encourages the visitor to pick the perfect look and buy online.

Our challenge: To develop an ecommerce, conversion lead website with an attractive and enticing design.

Our Answer

We spent a day with the guys and girls from Oh Polly, finding out what designs make them tick, what websites they get inspired by, browsing their range of clothing and understand who their average customers are on eBay. This helped us build a strong picture of who they wanted to target and what style the site needed to be.

For this project there was only Magento, it ticked every box!

After we designed the cool and slick new site we began moulding Magento, such as inserting out of stock notifications so customers could have a personal experience as well as bringing in the latest images from Instagram to show off their clothes. On top of this we integrated the site with Linnworks which is a CRM system that not only acts like a virtual warehouse but also gave Oh Polly a way to manage their stock across eBay, Amazon and their brand new Magento website.

The Results

The website started at 0 with all of Oh Polly’s existing trade coming from eBay, within the first month the website was hosting over 155,000 visitors and converting strong at an average of over 4%. Through own marketing efforts across social media and natural organic search was sending a steady stream of new customers to their site which in the first year saw the website smash £2 million in turnover.

The brand has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the biggest and most successful fast fashion brands in the UK.