Magento 2 design and build overhaul increasing sales by 8% during the UK’s cost of living crisis.

Support and Redesign for Market Leader

Rainclear is the UK’s leading supplier of specialist metal rainwater, roofline and drainage products.

Their website was very old and in serious need of core updates to help with site speed and compliance. With this in mind a re-design was also needed to help show off their amazing product and low prices to aid the continued growth during a cost of living crisis.

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Key Stats

Revenue increase

Average order value increase

More website transactions

The Brief

Rainclear first approached us to help bring their website up to date, running a version of Magento that was nearly 2 years old and modules that were starting to show signs of age.

This quickly evolved after identifying limitations with their current build and other factors that would be impacting User Experience and performance. Their challenge was to keep the website focused on consumers and trade customers whilst giving Rainclear the ability to easily update their website as and when new ranges were released. Adding to this their resources site was separate and they realised that bringing it into the main website would make their online offering even better.

  • Rainclear - Magento 2 Rebuild
  • Rainclear - Magento 2 Rebuild

Our Answer

Our first job was to complete a full audit of the website, both from a backend/code base point of view and also from the front analysing their user experience. From there the initial job was to bring the website and it’s modules up to date whilst migrating them to a new server.

After the foundations were laid we set about creating a new fresh design centred around the user whilst also making the day-to-day upkeep of the website easier for the team at Rainclear. Using the Breeze framework the team crafted a new solution that made better use of the built-in functionality of Magento along with a few module replacements which saw a massive jump in their Lightspeed score. Then we integrated the WordPress Resource website into the Magento platform, making the overall UX better whilst reducing the costs of having multiple servers.


  • Rainclear - desktop responsive magento website
  • Rainclear - mobile responsive magento website

The Result

The new website launched just as the cost of living crisis was hitting its peak, massively affecting consumer spending and during a point where global eCommerce sales were down by 19.24% and average conversion rates were down by 13.27%. As of March the new website was taking more orders and collecting more sales than the year before and as the UK economy swings back we are seeing these figures grow stronger for Rainclear.

Rainclear - Magento 2 Rebuild