Bring on Cyber Monday!

By | 27 November 2014
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Bring on Cyber Monday!

With approximately 3 days, 10 hours and 58 seconds at the time of writing this blog until Cyber Monday, you could be forgiven for thinking that we are counting down until the biggest online retail event of the season approaches, and we kind of are.

Cyber Monday, succeeds Black Friday, (a term you just might have heard of) coined in the US to refer to the retail spending spree the day after Thanksgiving, when in exchange for hefty discounts, sales figures are officially in the black. It’s now very clear to see that Black Friday is here to stay and the UK has now adopted their American celebrity and penciled it into their diaries.

A short history Lesson?

During those dark days before the internet (remember them?) as a pre-cursor to Cyber Monday, Black Friday has it’s origins in retail sales figures recorded prior to the lead up to Christmas, when shoppers flocked to the shops in droves to take advantage of the discounts and offers in store. With the build up to Christmas getting earlier and earlier each year, this has now inevitably transferred to the online marketplace, the media, UK retailers and eSellers. Cyber Monday is, kind of a big deal.

So where’s the proof?

Retail giant Amazon reported sales of 47 items per second on the same day last year, grossing over 4.1 million during the daylight hours. Peaking at 9:22pm it’s safe to say that this is an opportunity to make the most of.

Visa Europe forecast that this years Cyber Monday is set to be no different, in fact it is predicted to smash last years figures. UK online shoppers are predicted to spend over 450 million pounds on the big day, and there’s the added impetus , that this years Cyber Monday, also falls on and around payday…..

Best be prepared…….

In order to take advantage of this momentous occasion we at Actuate can offer some nifty tips and advice on how you can boost your online sales and make Cyber Monday a big win… because we’re nice like that

Plenty of offers?

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. With online competition at it’s most fierce during this time, avoid basket abandon and make sure all your promotional items are fully stocked. If customers can’t get what they want, at the price you promise them they’ll go elsewhere, and lets face it there’s plenty more to choose from. Try to avoid retail clichés. Wouldn’t it be novel for customers to travel to an online territory on Cyber Monday, where what was being offered at sale price could be accommodated. Which leads me nicely into my next point…..

Fully stocked?

It speaks for itself really doesn’t it, make sure that what you offer, you can deliver, literally. What was popular last year? Will it be popular again?

Don’t let it all come crashing down….

Check everything is working as it should. With what’s assured to be an upsurge in traffic, avoid gridlock and run server tests prior to the watershed, forewarned is after all forearmed.

PPCs at the ready……..

Prioritise your ads, and make it as easy as possible for customers to get what they want. Search terms relating to gifts will optimise your appeal greatly, so choose your words carefully.

Most people will know what the discounts and offers are in aid of so utilise your space wisely, avoid advertising banners on your website that take up valuable space, promote your best offers and direct your customers to your first-rate deals as swiftly as possible.

Landing pages need to be as accessible as possible, during this occasion time is of the essence, offer customers an opt out, email the deals direct to them to entice them back.

And Last but by no means least

In the same way retailers are jumping on the Christmas bandwagon in anticipation of the yuletide spectacle, social media plays a significant part in build up to the occasion. Some of the UKs biggest contenders are using social media to their advantage and preparing well in advance. Deals are tweeted out, discounts facebooked and bargains blogged all in anticipation of the big day. Some of the largest UK retailers use social media to enhance sales including during this time, including; Amazon, ASDA, Argos and John Lewis, all using Twitter and Facebook respectively. So join the showdown and become a main contender.