Ecommerce is Evolving

By | 20 January 2015
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Ecommerce is Evolving

eCommerce is a term quite widely known these days and has been around since the original .com boom. So what is eCommerce? Well it’s a term used to describe a website that sells products online, a shop without the restrictions of bricks and mortar.

Retail shops are converting to eCommerce solutions to make the most of their marketing actions as the foot fall trade begins to slow down.

But why is this happening? Well 71% of UK shoppers believe that they get the best deals online and they may be right, with the reduced costs of selling online companies are able to shave valuable pennies of those retail prices and save their beloved customers hard earned cash.

With hardware/IT sales and online grocery shopping accounting for 10.5 millions pounds each of the UK’s trade companies cannot afford to ignore the internet any longer. It’s estimated that during 2015 these figures will grow rapidly leaving the old brick and mortar shops far away in the past.

But that’s not the only challenge! as more and more smart devices are released a large number of UK shoppers are turning to shopping on their mobile phones. Online entrepreneur are now facing the task of making their eCommerce store user friendly across a vast array of browsers and mobile devices!

Never fear though because the latest Magento eCommerce platform not only gives our customer the ability to compete online but also the chance to take their stores into the mobile world. With adaptive technologies shoppers can browse and buy at ease regardless of whether they are on an iPhone, Blackberry or many other smart phones.