Four tips for Christmas Sales

By | 14 November 2016
2 Minute Read

Are you ready for the Christmas sales?

With The Most Wonderful Time of the Year looming on the horizon, British shoppers will soon be flocking to their retailer of choice (which, increasingly, is an online one) in search of gifts to lavish upon their friends and relatives. In order to take the greatest possible advantage of this coming wave of custom, it’s vital that retailers both small and large put plans into place that will most efficiently channel that extra traffic into sales.

Offer free shipping

According to a recent study by UPS, free shipping is an enormously significant factor for those checking out online. More than half of all online shoppers this winter will have their purchases shipped for free, since they’re used to large stores like Amazon offering the service. Fail to offer free

shipping, then, and you’re likely to miss out on valuable custom.

Don’t neglect mobile sales

More than ever before, customers are making purchases using their mobile devices. As a consequence, online retailers can’t afford to neglect users accessing their stores via mobile devices.

This is especially so if the stores in question are attracting custom from so-called millennials, who are the driving force behind this trend.

Don’t neglect Black Friday

While Black Friday isn’t quite an enormously successful day of judgement in the British retail calender in the same respect as it is in the American one, it’s still regarded by many shoppers as a vital point of purchase – particular when shopping for higher value goods like laptops and other

electronic devices. With online retailers offering discounts that don’t require braving a crowd of frenzied bargain-hunters, many customers are delaying certain purchases until late November in the hope of snagging a bargain. It’s worth offering a few promotional discounts to mark the occasion – if only to get customers in at the top of the funnel!

Don’t neglect video advertising

One of the most noticeable trends in online marketing during the course of 2016 has been the increased ubiquity of viral video content. More than ever, potential customers have access to devices and software that can display high-quality video content quickly. Well-produced videos have

enormous power to win and keep new customers – as well as to demonstrate new products. Provided that you’re careful about the marketing video you produce, it should be possible to reap tremendous rewards following a successful video campaign on social media.