How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

By | 4 August 2016
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How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

When it comes to selling your product, you only have one chance to make a first impression. When a customer reads your product description, they will get a sense of what your product is like and whether or not they want to buy. That’s why it is so important to have a well written product description that will capture the attention of your customers.

So how you can make sure that the product description really sells? Here are some tips for writing the best possible product descriptions:

  • Think about what type of person buys your product. How old are they? What are they interested in? When you are aware of your buyer demographic you can tailor your tone of voice to suit them.
  • Think about what problem your customer has that your product can solve, so that you can outline why the product is the best solution. Remember that people are interested in what the product can do for them.
  • Also, consider what makes your product unique and why it is different than the competitors.
  • Consider the objects that your customer might have to buying the product, so that you can address these objections head on.
  • Use descriptive words which will evoke the senses of the reader and make the product description more engaging.
  • Use words such as “picture yourself” and “imagine” so that the reader can see themselves using the product. You want them to visualise themselves owning it and using it, so that they decide to buy it.
  • Make sure that you highlight the features of the product, such as the size, colour and any other special features. What makes this product different than others that are similar to it?
  • Ensure that the customer understands what the product is to be used for and how it works – this might be necessary for every product but it’s often something important that you need to put across.
  • Try to format your product description in sections and include bullet points, as this is easier for the reader to scan than long paragraphs.

These are just a few of the most important tips that you can keep in mind to write fantastic product descriptions. With the right descriptions you will make people fall in love with your products and you will increase your sales, boosting your success.