Hyvä & Adobe Commerce (Magento)​

Did you know that every second your website takes to load can cost you 22% of your visitors? Speed is crucial for modern eCommerce stores.

Hyvä is a game-changer for Magento store owners, offering a slew of benefits. It turbocharges your online store, ensuring a lightning-fast shopping experience. With Hyvä, you get quicker page loads, improved SEO rankings, and higher conversion rates, all boosting your eCommerce profitability. Plus, its developer-friendly design makes customization and maintenance a breeze, keeping you nimble in responding to market demands.

As Hyvä experts and a Hyvä Partner Agency, we’re all about crafting top-notch Magento 2 stores that elevate your eCommerce game. It’s Magento 2, but cranked up to eleven. With Hyvä Themes, we work day in and day out to create world-class Magento 2 stores, transforming your eCommerce experience and maximising your potential. It’s not just eCommerce; it’s eCommerce redefined.

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Performance, flexibility, speed

Hyvä Themes are a game-changer for Magento websites, supercharging performance and turbocharging development. They amp up frontend speed, ride the wave of modern web tech, and deliver tidy code, resulting in rapid page loads and smoother development flows. With Hyvä Themes, Magento websites hit the fast lane, giving businesses the edge to stay ahead in the eCommerce race.

What is Hyvä

Hyvä is like a magic wand for your Magento online store. It’s a nifty theme framework designed to make your website faster and your life as an e-commerce store owner easier. Think of it as a turbo boost for your store’s frontend – it zaps away slow loading times and replaces them with snappy, lightning-fast pages. Plus, it’s a dream come true for developers, with clean and modular code that makes customisations a breeze. So if you’re a performance-obsessed store owner, Hyvä’s got your back, making your online store a top-notch shopping destination.

Adobe Commerce on Hyvä

Hyvä Enhanced UX

Enhanced UX

Hyvä improves user experience by delivering faster page load times, a seamless mobile experience, reduced layout shifts, enhanced interactivity, and better search engine visibility. Its user-centric optimisations ensure smoother browsing, minimising frustrations and boosting engagement.

Hyvä Improved Load Times

Improved Load Times

Hyvä turbocharges page load times by optimising code, reducing server requests, embracing modern web technologies, implementing effective caching strategies, and ensuring mobile optimisation. It’s all about delivering a lightning-fast and responsive user experience.

Hyvä Faster Development

Faster Development

Hyvä expedites development with its clean, modular codebase, developer-friendly practices, pre-built components, optimised workflows, and enhanced collaboration. It’s tailor-made for Magento, ensuring compatibility and streamlining the development process for quicker project delivery.

Hyvä Reliability


Hyvä enhances Magento store reliability through optimised performance, efficient code, seamless compatibility, robust testing, and simplified maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures consistent and stable store performance, minimising downtime or issues for a dependable user experience.

Hyvä Reduced Complexity

Reduced Complexity

Hyvä simplifies Magento development by employing clean code structures, modular components, developer-friendly practices, pre-built components, optimised workflows, and guaranteed compatibility. This holistic approach reduces complexity, making Magento projects more manageable and efficient for developers.

Hyvä Partner

Hyvä Partner

By partnering with us as a Hyvä partner, online store owners gain access to a team of certified experts and developers specialising in Hyvä. We offer efficient theme customisation, performance optimisation, and reliable support, ensuring that store owners can fully harness the potential of Hyvä for enhanced online stores.

Hyvä vs PWA

Hyvä vs PWA

The choice between Hyvä and PWA Studio depends on your specific needs. If you’re primarily focused on improving the frontend performance and user experience of your Magento store, Hyvä can be an excellent choice. However, if you’re looking to build a highly responsive, cross-platform PWA with Magento as the backend, PWA Studio is a more suitable option. Ultimately, the choice may also depend on your development team’s familiarity with these technologies and your broader e-commerce strategy.

Hyvä is a key player in improving a website’s performance in Google’s Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals

Hyvä is a key player in improving a website’s performance in Google’s Core Web Vitals, which assess the quality of user experience. It tackles these metrics head-on:

First, there’s the “Largest Contentful Paint” (LCP), which measures how quickly your main content loads. Hyvä’s optimisation ensures faster loading times, boosting your LCP score.

Then comes the “Cumulative Layout Shift” (CLS), evaluating page layout stability. Hyvä minimises disruptive layout shifts, resulting in a more favourable CLS score.

Lastly, the “First Input Delay” (FID) metric gauges responsiveness to user interactions. Hyvä’s code structure optimises JavaScript execution, leading to quicker responses and a lower FID score.

Hyvä also excels in resource management, follows mobile-first design principles, and offers a developer-friendly framework for targeted performance improvements. By implementing Hyvä, your website delivers a faster, more stable, and responsive user experience, aligning seamlessly with Google’s criteria for a high-quality site.

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