Magento B2B

Blurring the lines between B2B and B2C

Digital has always been about challenging the norm, and Magento 2 is no different. This redesigned platform comes with new functionality, including a B2B suite that supports you in doing better business, so it’s no surprise that over 30% of the websites running M2 fall into the B2B sector.

As we move away from catalogues, brochures, and over-the-phone ordering, more B2B businesses are transitioning to eCommerce, but choosing the right platform is often crucial to your success and growth, so it’s essential to invest in a solution designed with B2B in mind.

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Built to do business

The B2B marketplace generates over $7 Trillion in revenue, which is more than double that of the B2C/D2C market. Magento realises the importance of B2B and has made it part of its roadmap to support the B2B eCommerce economy.

Magento 2 generates more than just sales; it also helps generate leads through your website and even nurtures B2B relationships. M2 also offers real-time inventory tracking, pricing tiers and the Magento B2B suite propelling Magento above the crowd for B2B eCommerce and making them the right platform for business to business.

“The goal was to find a platform that had a large community of resources to draw from, was capable of enterprise-level order volumes, was backed by a leadership team with a solid industry reputation and a passion for driving innovation, that could be integrated cost-effectively. Magento matched all of these criteria”
Director of eCommerce, Watsco

B2B Features in Magento 2

From Adobe to You

When delving deeper into Magento 2 for B2B sales, it’s easy to see the time and effort Adobe has put into making B2B a priority for the platform. Features such as allowing multiple buyers in a tiered organisational hierarchy, pricing tiers and even pricing based on account, one-click re-ordering and a comprehensive quotation system deliver an out of the box solution unrivalled by other eCommerce systems.

  • Customer grouping, heirachy
  • Set pricing per company/user
  • re-ordering etc
  • Get a quote
  • minimum order qty’s


Frontend features of Magento 2

Features for your customers

A truly successful website needs to meet more than the needs of your business; it should also meet your customers’ needs and expectations. Again, the team at Adobe have spent time and effort making sure the ecosystem of Magento 2 handles all of this and more.

With Magento 2, your customers can benefit from features, including bulk ordering by SKU, payment on account (with or without credit limits), a complete and exhaustive transaction history, and the ability to track orders even when split into multiple deliveries. All of these features help retain your customers and reinforce your position as a trusted partner and supplier.

  • Bulk order by SKU
  • Transaction history
  • Checkout with credit
  • Track available credit
  • Track orders

In Summary

If you’re currently reviewing your website and looking to make a change to align your e-commerce platform with your business goals then Magento 2 is probably for you. If after reading this you’re still not sure, we’d love the opportunity to discuss Magento 2 with you and help you to decide if it is a good fit for your business.

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