Why your website should have a ‘New In’ product page

By | 8 December 2021
2 Minute Read

Is your eCommerce website missing a trick?

The ‘New In’ product page is an area of your website dedicated to showcasing your new stock range. It makes it easy for your customers to see what’s new on your website without the need to use any filters. This is especially beneficial for returning customers.

Why Returning Customers will love your ‘New In’ product page

Any returning customers should be treated like royalty. You already know that they like your products and what you offer as a business as they have already committed to purchasing from you in the past. They are probably already familiar with what your business offers, therefore showing them what is new as quickly and as easily as possible is more likely to generate a sale. Add thoughtful filters to personalise the ‘New In’ product page and help your customers to discover what they didn’t know they were missing from their lives!

It doesn’t all need to be ‘New’

It’s a great idea to also showcase your bestsellers on the ‘New In’ product page. ‘Back in stock’ items create a sense of urgency and alert your customers to the fact that they’ve already sold out once before – so be quick! Why not add an extra ‘Selling fast’ flash to the product images to further engage an emotional response and nail that sale!

Cross Sell

A ‘New In’ product page is a great place for your customers to discover different brands. Returning customers will already be familiar with your products. A ‘New In’ product page gives them the opportunity to fall in love with brands that perhaps they didn’t know you stocked or weren’t even aware of.

Keep an eye on your competitors

If you’re not already, it’s a good idea to check out your competitors from time to time. If they have a ‘New In’ product page see how it relates to yours. Are you competitive on pricing? How do your stock levels compare? Are their best sellers the same as yours? If not, why not?

When selling like for like goods, it’s a good idea to keep ahead of the competition. Often stock from wholesalers is dispatched on the same day to retailers. Therefore they all appear on the website within a few hours of each other. To stay ahead of the competition, offer pre-orders to your customers. Get your stock on to your website as soon as your order has been accepted by the wholesaler. Your customers will love knowing that they will be the first out there to get the product they’ve been waiting for first!