8 Ways That the Digital Marketing for Westworld Was Effective

By | 17 January 2017
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8 Ways That the Digital Marketing for Westworld Was Effective

Every now and then we can see a terrific example of how digital marketing can be used highly effectively. In recent times, the resounding success of the marketing campaign for the HBO series ‘Westworld’ has definitely given us a few points to ponder.

How exactly did the marketing team behind this series manage to make this a digital marketing success story?

It Brought the Story to Life

It is easy to think that a marketing campaign should just be about letting the public know that a certain service or product is about to be made available. Yet, the team behind Westworld went further and brought the story to life for us.

This was evident in a number of interesting ways, such as when their social media account stated that there had been a glitch in the system and that the next episode could now be seen earlier than expected. Their website also brought to life the idea that their technology was getting out of control, just as in the show itself.

It Used Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that a lot of people are talking about right now, but few marketing teams have attempted to harness its potential so far. This was something that the people marketing Westworld used very effectively with the HTC Vive.

The immersive nature of Westworld means that it was ripe for promoting in this way. However, it is a tactic that we can expect to see used increasingly by digital marketing teams as well.

They Built a Themed Website

Another clever move was to build a site called Discover Westworld. This looks like a typical luxury resort website but it is actually a dark and mysterious place that cranks up the overall theme of technology taking over.

The site has been built with extra content in it that has been designed for viewers to unlock and enjoy as the series progresses. It is all about giving extra content to the most passionate fans and encouraging them to spread the word.

Consistency Across Channels

Any good marketing campaign should be about giving a consistent message no matter how many different channels it crosses. In this respect, the Westworld campaign was a great success.

The marketing efforts for this futuristic show all focussed on presenting the same sort of dark, mysterious and threatening vibe that the show involves. This worked a treat, as viewers were drawn into the fake world with great success.

They Related the Show to Real Life Fears

Perhaps one of the key elements of Westworld is that it brings to the small screen some of the current fears many people have about technology becoming too powerful for humans to control. Worries about the rise of artificial intelligence is something that the marketing team used well in their efforts.

It may just be a fantasy show but some of the marketing was enough to bring a real chill to the people who got lured into the world created by this show.

They Use Humanoids to Create a Stir

A particularly interesting tactic used to promote Westworld was that of sending out 20 humanoids to wander around London. This caused a stir, as it helped people to interact with the marketing campaign while also introducing some of the key concepts of the series.

It is far easier to get the public to imagine a theme park filled with robot guides when they are speaking to one of them out on the streets.

The Marketing Told More of the Story

It is also worth pointing out that the digital marketing efforts went towards telling us more of the story of Westworld. For example, the website goes on to give us new material and explain how their fictional world works.

This is great news for hard-core fans who can’t get enough of the show and it can also help to build up a real head of steam in terms of getting word of the series out there.

They Got People Interested and Intrigued

Perhaps the best way to sum up this matter is to say that the Westworld digital marketing did a fantastic job in getting people interested and intrigued in their product. The buzz that they generated ensured that there were plenty to viewers keen to see whether the show was as good as the hype.

Of course, not every product appears as initially attractive and appealing as Westworld. Having said that, with the right digital marketing ideas it is possible to whet the public’s appetite and get people interested right from the start.