How to get your website visitors to convert – the basics

By | 15 March 2015
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How to get your website visitors to convert – the basics

It’s the age-old question isn’t it? “How do I get people to my site and how do I get them to buy?”

Well, it’s no good just having online special offers anymore, retailers must transcend into the mind of a user, creating the right experience for them to enjoy.

How do we do this, you must have heard these terms before … make your website more ‘engaging’ and ‘compelling’, creating ‘interaction’ and encouraging them to ‘connect’ with your brand.

However, its all well and good saying the user experience is key, but how do you create the most effective website design to help achieve all of these things?

Do your research

Firstly you should research your audience. Look how they differ when shopping online, look at trends, look at colours that your target audience is likely to respond to.

Each small detail can make a difference and if it’s not right, it’s going to turn them away.

Know your goals

What do you want from your users?

Do you them to buy a product without any distractions? Well maybe reduce the amount of pages they have to go through until they get to the checkout. If your site is too long winded you’ll distract visitors from buying.

Do you want them to talk about your products? Then have an option to share them on a social networking site.

Think about what you want your users to do and what’s the easiest and quickest way for them to do it.

Keep your eye on the visuals

Design your site with a purpose.

Every element of your site will elicit a positive or negative response from a visitor. This is where you need to go back to your research and put your audience as the focus in every step.

It ‘s no good just creating a site that you think is visually pleasing, it must appeal to your visitors.

Build and test

If you are worried about the content and design of the website test it out on a sample of your main audience and use their feedback. They will be the ones that are using it and their opinions matter more than your own. Be brave and ask them what you can do better.

Be social

Like, comment and share, three key words that will turn your visitors into engaged users of your website. If you can get them to interact with your brand, then you have more chance of them becoming a loyal customer.

Promote your website on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, just make sure you have researched your audience and know the right messages to lure them into loving your brand.


Get the foundations on your site right for your key audience, then begin your promotions. We see so many times that the love, care and attention needed at the beginning is neglected by the race to get online and start selling.