Why Google Shopping Ads Convert Better Than Text Ads and Deliver Better ROI

By | 25 January 2017
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Why Google Shopping Ads Convert Better Than Text Ads and Deliver Better ROI

If you are looking to get a terrific ROI with your online ads then you may be wondering which approach will give you the best results.

Among the best current options is the Google Shopping service. In fact, there are a number of powerful reasons for believing that this could be a far better method for you than traditional text ads.

Matches Specific Shopping Search Enquiries

Of course, you already know that there are plenty of people looking online for what you sell at any given time. Therefore, the key is in finding a way to match your offers to specific search enquiries: which is exactly what Google Shopping does.

In this way, you can help your potential customers to find exactly what they want at the time they are looking for it. You can also get a high level of control over when and where your ads appear, to help you to squeeze the maximum benefit out of them.

You only get charged for advertising when someone clicks on one of your ads and gets sent to your website for more details on your offers. In addition the fact that Google Shopping works on mobile devices as well as desktops means that you can reach out to people who are shopping on the move as well as those who do it at home or at work.

 A More Focussed Approach

It is easy to get a highly structured approach to your Google Shopping listings. You get started by putting all of your product inventory onto AdWords and then working out the different product groups and categories that you want to use.

In this way, you get a better level of control over how you show off your products to potentially interested customers. This control extends to the custom labels and campaign priorities that you can also take advantage of.

If you have certain special offers that you want to let people know about then this is a fantastic way of doing so. By focussing on the special deals that you have on the go you can try and steal a march on your rivals by directing shoppers straight to your site as soon as they start looking.

Excellent Reporting

With any type of marketing campaign it is vital that you can rely upon reports that show you how well you are achieving your targets. The good news in this respect is that Google Shopping gives you excellent reporting ability.

Interestingly, the performance data that you receive is linked to the individual items rather than groups. This means that you can filter all of the details by product for a far greater level of control.

In terms of your ROI, this means that you can take charge of exactly how much you spend and how well it is used. If one of your products is giving far better results than the others then the reporting tools will let you see all of the details in an easy to ready way.

Check Out the Competition

A powerful benefit of using this type of online advertising is that it gives you a very useful look at what the competition is doing. For example, you can see the average CTR and max CPC estimates for your competitors before making your own decisions.

It is worth pointing out that the data you see is anonymous, so you can’t see which exact companies it relates to. However, it is still a fine way of getting a feel for the market before you go ahead with your own campaigns.

Whether you are new to the market or not, it is always great to see what your rivals are up to and how successful they are right now.

Overall Summary

By using Google Shopping wisely you can make sure that your products are more visible on the internet to those people who are currently interested in then. This should allow you to get higher quality leads, more site traffic and a better click through rate too.

Of course, the overall result should be that you make your advertising budget work far harder for you. Once you given this method a try you are likely to find a great way of getting a better ROI while staying completely in control of your budget and advertising tasks.

It is also extremely easy to get started with. This is particularly true if you have an AdWords account just now and want to make the switch to a smarter way of advertising online from now on.