eCommerce Strategy

Where we’re going we don’t need roads…

Well you may still need roads for logistics but for us it’s all about that online journey. Our team can take your goals and by using real insights and data create a strategic roadmap (perhaps we do need roads after all!) that will align your ecommerce with your key business objectives. This will help you move your business forward without any hidden surprises, meaning you can stay one step ahead and make those goals a reality.

An eCommerce strategy that works is continually evolving. When a business reaches their goals it’s important to take time, revaluate, plan and move on to keep driving forwards. We can provide ongoing support to help you review progress made so far and adjust the path you’re on to keep your business moving in the right direction. Every suggestion we put forward will be aligned with your goals..

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Strategic partners

It’s all about collaboration, you know who your customers are, your products and your market. We understand how to extract what they want, need and translate that into a functional design that generates sales and loyalty.

User Experience

Understanding who your customers are, where they play and what their need is key to crafting a website that feels like it was built just for them. The more natural and intuitive we can design and build your online store, the easier they will find it, the less hurdles they’ll have to jump through and ultimately the more likely they will be to convert.

During the discovery phase we map out these customer groups into persona’s, identifying their individual needs and the potential sales objections. This allows us to prioritise features and layouts to ensure your customers feel safe, empowered and have no doubt that your product is the right one for them.

Reporting & analytics to create a better ecommerce website

Reporting & Analytics

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. We monitor your website to see how effective it is in carrying out its objectives and report back against defined KPI’s such as average conversion rates, average basket values, customer acquisition channels to speed, geographical usage and more.

It’s this data that then enables us to push the boundaries further and begin looking at other areas of improvements to maximise every customers visit to your website.

A/B Split testing to improve ecommerce conversion rates

A/B Split Testing

When we are engaged to provide on-going improvements we use A/B split testing to see what impact our changes have on the customer experience.

This could be anything from changing the colour of a button to aligning with trends or changing calls to action text. We push these up as separate versions of the site or page and then display these to a selection of your visitors, using the reporting and analytics to see what improvements these make and then once we are satisfied that there is a positive change we deploy these for all customers.

Growing Your Business

We don’t stop at designing and building eCommerce websites, our strategic approach means we are with you for the long haul, always reviewing, analysing and suggesting new ways to surpass your goals and to keep your brand and customer base growing.

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Peaceful Hooligan

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Protein Bargain

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