Peaceful Hooligan

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Peaceful Hooligan, are a young and upcoming casual clothing brand whose expansion across the UK meant they needed to provide their loyal customer with a slicker, faster and feature rich E-Commerce solution. They wanted to craft the experience around the social activity that had built up with loyal customers and provide an online shopping journey that would compete with the larger outlets up and down the UK.

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Key Stats

Increase in sales

YOY revenure growth

Increase in time spent on site

The Brief

The Peaceful Hooligan website was running really well. Their challenge to us was to make the site run faster, be easier to manage and ultimately make more money! And to top it off, deliver this in just 3 months!

Our Answer

We began with a full site audit, discovering what worked well and what needed tweaking. Then we collated the reports to see how fast the site responded and also researched how long customer stayed on the site before leaving.

With all of the research in hand we broke the work down into smaller chunks. Month by month we have worked alongside Peaceful to reduce their load times from 12 seconds to 3 seconds. We also increased the time visitors spend on the site and increased how many people buy from them all in just 3 months.

The Result

A super slick, speedy, user friendly approach that appealed directly to their young and trendy customers.

After launch, the online sales increased by a cool 58%, increasing turnover by a whopping 84%.

Proof that a humble website migration really can make a huge difference to your business.