Protein Bargain

Magento 2 B2B store with custom loyalty scheme and 8% conversion rate

Loyalty Driven B2B Commerce

Protein Bargain are a fairly new company selling protein products such as powders, bars and supplements primarily through Amazon. They’d dabbled with their own store but hadn’t seen any real success with it and realised that they needed to look again at branching out into the wholesale market.

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Key Stats

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The Brief

They needed to create a website that was separate to their retail operations, making it easy for retailers to order stock on a regular basis and incentivise them to keep coming back with tiered discounts, one click ordering and realtime syncing with StoreFeeder.

The bulk of their operations were on Amazon for return and telephone ordering, so wholesale accounts weren’t cost effective and required numerous spreadsheets to track. On top of this, wholesale customers each had their own payment terms, credit limits and discounts, their new system would need to be able to handle these variations and reduce the time taken to fulfil orders.

Our Answer

During our discovery workshop we not only delved into what makes Protein Bargain but who their clients were, what they liked and disliked and what turns them from regular shoppers to accounts. From here we started by mapping all the data that needed migrating from Magento 1 including information we’d need to share with StoreFeeder.

With the personas in place and the data handled, we then looked into a loyalty scheme. More importantly, we looked at how we could not only increase the average spend of a customer and increase repeat orders but how we could give them a personal approach.

Firstly we completely revamped the design with a focus on easy navigation and quick ordering. Some products could have 10 to 15 variants so displaying these without forcing the customer to scroll was the key. Allowing visitors to see all flavours and sizes in one screen and allowing them to set the quantity of each makes creating the order fast and easier than their competitors. The checkout was designed around letting buyers see their order easily with up-sells helping increase the basket value.

Throughout the design we pulled in personal messaging reminding account holders of their unique discount or credit limits making the process smooth and transparent. Using Magento 2.3 meant that customers can login to their account and with one click re-order from previous orders quickly and with less hassle.

The Results

The easy to navigate site and new 1 click to order functionality saw an 8% increase in conversions no need to protein powders here to make it stronger, The first week also saw a staggering 500 new B2B accounts opened generating long time relationships and repeat purchasing.

A very respectful load speed of 2.6 seconds was achieved due to the new Magento 2 platform upgrade with further reductions as the site migrated to a dedicated server.