5 Reasons Shopify is Stealing E-commerce Market Share

By | 20 December 2022
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E-commerce has given businesses an incredible opportunity to grow their customer base, brand image and business. With an e-commerce business, your customers can purchase your products anytime and anywhere. It saves you the expenses of a retail store and makes business smoother and easier.

However, to take your business online, you may require a solid e-commerce platform. This is where Shopify e-commerce comes in. 

Shopify has been a prominent e-commerce platform and contains everything you need to successfully run your e-commerce business. Shopify offers security as well as flexibility for your e-commerce store and allows you to create multiple pages with an in-built online editor.

You can also sell in multiple different places due to the integration of local language support, making it easier to connect with a broader range of customers

Let us take an in-depth look at why Shopify e-commerce is one of the best online platforms for businesses.

5 Reasons Why Shopify is the E-commerce King

1. Shopify Gives Businesses a Hosted Solution

When you are looking to launch your online business, you likely need web hosting, which can be a real challenge. You need a considerable amount of technical support to host a shopping cart. This can be difficult for startups, who do not have the time and technical support to get this done. 

Shopify, however, offers a cloud-based setup to solve this problem. It is a hosted platform where you do not have to look into setting up servers or databases. The cloud setup lets you access your store from anywhere at any time. All you require are your admin login credentials and a secure Internet connection. 

Moreover, payments become easier as well. Shopify supports you with your payment gateway and also looks after any returns or refunds for you.

2. Shopify Offers In-built Business Marketing Tools

Another reason why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform is that it offers businesses in-built marketing tools that can considerably lower the actual costs of business and product marketing. This enables you to add unique elements to your e-commerce pages—like meta titles, unique URLs and more—to increase page visibility.

Besides, with Shopify e-commerce, you can also optimise your store based on your preference. Not only that, Shopify also lets you integrate your shop into various social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This helps you market products to a larger audience, as well as increase your brand visibility.

3. Shopify Gives You Increased Speed and Security

For any e-commerce website to be successful, you need to ensure that your customers have a smooth shopping experience. If they can navigate through your website easily, they are more likely to purchase from you. Shopify makes this possible by ensuring that your web pages have a great loading speed and that they retain customers. 

Moreover, Shopify also ensures that your online business is absolutely secure. It offers the best service in terms of security and integration among payment providers. Shopify also includes an in-built speed checker that lets customers complete their payments within a good loading time.

4. Shopify Offers a Payment Gateway

One of the key elements to running a successful e-commerce business is to have a fast, smooth and easy payment process. If you have a payment gateway that is slow and full of errors, your customers are more likely to abandon their cart. 

However, Shopify e-commerce is integrated with a large number of payment gateways that let your customers make their payments with ease. Moreover, they also offer their own payment gateway without transaction fees. 

5. Shopify’s Advanced Functionalities

With Shopify, you will also be able to avail advanced functionalities with a plugin or an application. This will let you download, install and customise your online shop. Shopify also offers additional features, like inventory management, accounting and business reporting. 

In addition to that, you will also find options like email autoresponders, which can help automate your responses to customers about common queries. With such features, it becomes considerably easier to run your business on autopilot if, for example, you are away. 

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