5 Amazing Benefits of Using Magento 2 for Your eCommerce Store

By | 31 January 2023
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If you’ve been looking to start an eCommerce store or already run one, you may notice Magneto 2 is a popular option. It’s used by around 200,000 websites and helps to provide a unique eCommerce experience. 

However, many eCommerce websites use the older version, also known as Magneto to run their online store. If that’s the case with your website, we highly recommend upgrading it to Magneto 2. 

The application provides many useful features that contribute towards providing a high-quality shopping experience to customers. To emphasise further on this point, we’ve created a list of benefits that your business can gain by using Magento 2 on their eCommerce store. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Improve Website Performance

One of the biggest benefits of Magento 2 is that it provides improved performance compared to its predecessor. The application has an advanced indexer that provides answers to a visitor’s queries quickly.

Magneto 2 also updates the store data frequently, including catalogues and prices to improve the overall performance of your store. It ensures that your web pages load quickly, improving the user experience. 

It’s crucial because if your website takes more than a couple of seconds to load, it can double your bounce rate. Therefore, if you choose Magento 2 for your eCommerce store, we can provide you with a good UX design, giving customers with a better shopping experience. 

2. Mobile-Friendly

Customers have begun to use their smartphones for online shopping. In fact, more than half of mobile users have made online purchases on their devices. Your business needs to ensure that its eCommerce store is easily accessible to phone users. 

Fortunately, Magento provides a mobile-friendly experience, ensuring your eCommerce store is accessible to eCommerce users. It also provides a mobile-friendly checkout experience, which is crucial if you want to increase your conversion rate. 

The Magento 2 platform provides responsive design themes for all devices. You can design and provide an eCommerce site that can be used on different devices. 

3. Advanced SEO Features

The best way to gain more visitors to your eCommerce site is through an organised search. Many people use search engines like Google to find their desired products. Due to this, it’s crucial to have a properly optimised website, if you’re looking to gain more sales. 

To help you out, Magento 2 offers many advanced SEO features you’ll need to get on top of these search pages. The platform has been made keeping SEO in mind and allows users to implement many unique SEO tactics. 

Some SEO features on Magento 2 include meta implementation, SEO titles, data snippets for product pages and more. The platform can provide great UX design on your website while keeping it SEO-friendly. 

4. Customisable Security Features

You need to focus on your security if you want visitors to trust your eCommerce website. Customers have to submit sensitive information like credit card details to purchase products from your website, which they won’t do if they don’t feel secure. 

The Magento 2 platform provides you with options and lets you add multiple levels of security permissions. It gives your website the defence it needs against potential data breaches and bot attacks

The developers also actively release security updates to cover for any vulnerabilities on the website. Overall, tools like 2FA, SSL and other security features ensure that you can keep your online store safe. 

5. UX Design Freedom

All businesses have unique styles and branding, depending on the product or service they sell. Therefore, if you want to stand out from your competitors, you’ll need the freedom to customise your website. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Magento 2 platform is that it provides various themes, extensions, and custom web development features. The platform also allows you to implement a One Step checkout process. 

It helps allows users to check out quickly and reduces your website’s cart abandonment rate. These features ensure the user experience is top-notch, bringing your brand in a positive light. 

With user-friendly features like quick view, friendly designs and the options to view the website in multiple languages, Magneto 2 could be the best platform for your website. 

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