Strategic changes help to make a big difference to this British bathroom brand

Engagement TLC for Italian Furnishings

Tissino is an Italian inspired British brand who manufacture contemporary bathroom products.

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The Brief

Tissino had re-platformed to Magento 2 with another web agency. Unfortunately, there were many bumps along the road with this agency and after much pain they came to us to help get their project back on the right path.

They needed us to stabilise their new Magento 2 website and then roadmap opportunities to make it work even better and harder.

One key pain point of theirs was managing orders via the telephone. Tissino wanted to re-educate their huge wholesale customer base in using their e-commerce website. Not only would this be faster for the customer to place orders, but it would also be faster and more streamlined for the Tissino staff to manage. This meant the whole e-com experience had to be slick for both customers and the Tissino staff.

Our Answer

After stabilising the website, we turned our attention to developing a streamlined user experience. The wholesale customers are now able to login and automatically receive their appropriate discount, without the need for any discount codes.

Although retail customers were a secondary priority, the user experience was also streamlined, focusing on limiting the amount of clicks needed to get from the product detail page to a completed order.

It was import to Tissino to keep on enhancing the user experience for both B2B and B2C consumers. To encourage feedback and give their customers the opportunity to suggest how Tissino could improve we created a ‘Suggestions’ field in the Customer Account login screen. This is designed to encourage their customers to share their ideas on how Tissino can make changes or improvements. By addressing their customers pain points Tissino can ensure repeat custom.

The Result

After working on the Magento core and applying patches and updates we are pleased to say that the Tissino website is stable.

Not only is it stable, It has been working hard and has seen an uplift on wholesale orders, all processed through the website.

Site loading speed has also been reduced to a very respectable 2.9 seconds.