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Attract, Engage and Convert Customers

At Actuate our digital marketing team will identify the most profitable tools to help you grow in line with your business goals and needs.

Through a detailed strategy, our team will help drive quality traffic through SEO, PPC and Content Marketing that’s relevant. From here we’ll use conversion rate optimisation techniques to increase site visitors into customers, along with remarketing campaigns to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Everything we do is tested and measured ensuring that you know exactly what we are doing, what opportunities we are creating and ultimately how much value Actuate are adding to your business.

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Driving traffic and engagement

So you’ve got the engine tuned and your conversion rate is strong and steady, you’re now making more money from your existing customer base but you’re not exactly growing. This is where digital marketing steps in to feed your website with high-quality, pre-qualified visitors who want and need your products.

Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing services


Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing has been a necessity since the beginning, telling search engines like Google and Bing exactly what your website offers and what you know helps them match customers to your website. SEO is generally done on-site and is sometimes referred to as Technical SEO. Onsite optimisation is about performance, usability and keywords, making sure that when someone searches for a product your website shows that you are the top authority about it and that you have the right product in stock to satisfy their needs.

Search Engine Marketing is more targeted and is about the strategies being used to elevate your website in the natural search ranking, these include partnering with the right review provider, utilising video on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo through to what content marketing should be done and which websites should be targeted to provide quality backlinks.

Pay Per Click digital marketing

Pay Per Click

SEO and SEM are great but they take time to gain traction and are generally a little bit more expensive at the beginning. Pay Per Click marketing gives us a vehicle to target your ideal customers, by bidding to present adverts that will direct them over to your website. PPC generates quick results and once it’s refined can be increased easily to create more business by upping your spending budget with platforms like Google Adwords.

Our team is always reviewing the campaigns we run, looking for ways to reduce the click cost, expand its reach and generate higher conversion rates with qualified visitors who are ready to buy before they hit your website.

PPC Remarketing campaigns to increase conversion rates


Some customers, whilst they need or want to buy from you, just can’t right at that moment. Life takes hold and they forget. We use remarketing to display tailored adverts on websites we know they will use frequently, such as Facebook, to remind them about your products and services and to remind them to complete their purchase.

By using remarketing campaigns not only will you be able to increase your conversion rate, but you’ll be able to engage with customers in a totally new way. A perfect example is a mother searching for a Father’s day gift in March, by using remarketing come June when she’s ready to buy it’s more likely to be your ad she clicks on so it’s also a great tool for staying engaged with those longer burn customers.

Google Shopping Feeds to increase site visitors and pruchases

Shopping Feeds

Technically this is another form of Pay Per Click marketing, you’ve probably seen the Shopping tab when using Google. Shopping feeds pass data to these platforms to make it easier for customers to go straight to the product they want and buy. But just because you have a feed and are bidding for your spot doesn’t mean you’ll get the customer. We optimise these feeds so that we can show the customer any offers, shipping options or stock availability you have so that when they see your product by the side of a competitor it’s yours they choose to buy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

There is always room for improvement. The internet and technology are changing all the time. We can help you to keep pushing your conversion rate by continually reviewing the reports and analytics, identifying where we can improve the website and deploying solutions to make it a reality.

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